TextaTradesman.com Ltd Guarantees the workmanship on all contracts that came through Textatradesman.com

Step 1 The customer must notifiy the member immediately of their dissatisfaction. Should the member be in disagreement then you must give the member 8 hours to respond and put the work right. In the mean time the member will send a full report to customer care. Customer care will contact you for a short explanation of your dissatisfaction and will also ask you to send photographs of the works.

Step 2 Our in house surveyors will then look at the photos and make an assessment and pass it to customer care who will then review both parties version’s and send a report out with their findings. If any one of the parties is not satisfied with the findings, one of our regional surveyors will then visit the site to make his final decision. Both parties agree to abide by his decision.

King Regards
Founder Andy Morrison